“I am writing in support of Sue Bucknum as she pursues her law practice by providing legal services to the agricultural community.

She was very helpful to me in several building projects. One a proposed turkey house which was tied up with lawyers and township officials for nine months. A call to Sue at the Attorney General’s office discovered twelve violations of the ACRE Law. Through Sue’s efforts, the application was approved the next month.

Another was a proposed mushroom venture which involved two townships. Sue was very helpful in navigating this project between the two townships.

I recommend her because of her knowledge of the agricultural issues and her dedication to a project.”

Art Hershey, Retired State Representative, 13th District

"In 2008, I was called into a case Susan was presenting to the commonwealth court of PA dealing with an issue pursuant to ACRE. I was an expert in poultry who gave background assistance to her in technical understanding of poultry production and management. I was present through the entire process from discovery, depositions, and other meetings. She was successful in her case and helped resolve the issue between the two parties. What I like most about Susan, is that she is very prepared, treats all parties professionally, even when she was not accorded the same treatment. She is a sound litigator who was not afraid to ask questions of me when she needed to learn more about the subject. She is able to handle legal issues well and would be highly versed in subjects surrounding agricultural law. Susan has my full recommendation."

Gregory Martin, Ph.D. PAS Extension Educator, Poultry, Penn State University Extension

"I enthusiastically endorse Susan Bucknum.  As a Penn State faculty member who has been involved with township ordinance conflicts for many years, I greatly appreciate Ms. Bucknum’s willingness to call on agricultural industry experts and investigate normal agriculture practices in order to fairly and uniformly administer the ACRE program.  Such background work was imperative to truly understanding the nuance under which the law is based.

I can’t thank her enough for her service to the citizens of Pennsylvania and the agricultural community in helping to resolve these conflicts in the face of substantial public misinformation and deep seated, but often erroneous assumptions."

Robert Mikesell, Ph.D. Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Coordinator, Penn State Department of Animal Science

"From 2013 through 2016, I worked with Susan Bucknum on several projects related to the implementation of Pennsylvania’s Agriculture, Communities and Rural Environment Act (ACRE) involving township level timber harvesting ordinances.  In this role, I worked with Ms. Bucknum to provide input and guidance on amending existing timber harvesting ordinances to reflect appropriate sustainable forestry practices.

In all of our interactions, I was impressed by how quickly and thoroughly Ms. Bucknum grasped interpretations and perspectives.  She always asked appropriate and well-developed questions to add clarity to the discussion while she was preparing written responses to townships.

My interactions with Ms. Bucknum were always professionally handled and I had confidence that my input was appreciated and would be accurately interpreted.  In sum, I enjoyed working on these projects and looked forward to calls and letters from Ms. Bucknum as the work was interesting and rewarding.  In all cases, she willingly explained the work and expected outcomes."

James Finley, Ph.D. Professor of Forest Resources Management, Director, Center for Private Forests at Penn State

"I want to thank you on behalf of myself and my clients for your assistance and guidance in connection with my client’s ACRE claim.  Our success in having objectionable ordinance provisions deleted and/or amended is attributable mostly to your involvement which encompassed a thorough understanding of the overall state agricultural statutory scheme; time-consuming, attention to detail; and patience in dealing with two lawyers who had substantially different agendas.
It was both an education and pleasure to work with you on this matter."

Joseph G. Riper, Esquire Riley Riper Hollin & Colagreco

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for meeting me and my constituents at Sunlit Farms in Warrington.  Your willingness to explain the law, and the resulting decision, to those present, as well as your obvious interest in listening to the concerns of all parties, residents, township supervisors, farm owners and residents, it truly appreciated.  I’m happy to work with you any time!"

Katharine M. Watson State Representative

"Ms. Bucknum went out of her way to help resolve the ACRE situation by scheduling a tour of the farm attended by her and an expert from Penn State to explain the operation as a normal agricultural activity.  She invited the president of the nearby 55 and older housing community along with elected officials from our township.
Ms. Bucknum handled herself in a very professional manner during the tour, potentially answering numerous questions.  Elected officials cannot, in the performance of their duties, make everyone happy and have limited power, but Ms. Bucknum’s actions were a significant help to us."

Gerald B. Anderson former Chairman, Warrington Township Board of Supervisors

"Your “letter-brief” addressed to township counsel is an excellent, clear and convincing treatise of prevailing law as relating to Ordinance Number 4-2001 a veritable model of clarity."

Vincent B. Makowski, Esquire Makowski, Marateck, Konopka & Marateck